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Let's Advance Together !

"Advance" is the theme of this year's donation campaign. 

Let's Advance together! as RADIO 74 reaches out to serve yet more people living in Switzerland and France with programming designed to bring hope, health, joy, peace and love to families and singles in these uneasy times.

For the RADIO 74 team, this is a time of thanksgiving for the blessings of the year with special recognition to each listeners who helps sustain this labor of love by your kindness and generosity.

Looking back over 35 years of radio broadcasting, we are grateful to God for his watch care and for sustaining RADIO 74 through thick and thin.  We trust Him to continue blessing each listener and this radio station.

The immediate objective is to pay up all lingering bills by end of the year (about 80,000 euros) and then, debt free, Advance towards the challenges of keeping RADIO 74 on the air for you during 2018.

The key to stability is "Systematic Giving," donations sent regularly throughout the year.  We need 500 listeners who pledge to send RADIO 74 at least one-a-day over the coming year... one Euro, one Swiss Franc, one pound sterling or one dollar... 30 a month, 365 for the year.  We're confident you'll want to make this modest gesture to keep your favorite radio station on the air beautifying your life.

This amount, added to limited advertising and an occasional state subsidy, will round out the budget to keep RADIO 74 Advancing over the coming 12 months.

The RADIO 74 team thank you!


Donate on line

How to donate to RADIO 74 on line

You can now make donations here on our web site using your Bank Credit or Debit Card via the secure PayPal system.

- Click on the DONATE botton (on the Donate to RADIO 74 menu).

- Enter the amount of your donation.

- Choose Donate with a Bank Card or Donate with PayPal
        (if you have a account)

- Enter your information.

- Click on the Donate Now botton.


Association Santé Total RADIO74     
    (Total Health Association)

This is the legal name of the our association.


Thank you for your financial support !

May God bless and reward you abundantly!


"ER in the Morning" Early Riser or Emergency Room? Esther and Ron!

ron-esther-thurs-radio74Refreshing and new... Esther and Ron team up for a jovial start to your day.  Dr. Esther Roybal-Hazen and Ron Myers brighten your week-day mornings from 7:05 to 8:45 am.  News and weather... plus friendly bantering, broad spectrum of opinion, inspiration and family fun!   Suitable for all age groups, 7 to 107... here on RADIO 74 "The Answer".

For early risers, up and chirping before dawn, and for the rest of us who need all the help we can get just opening our eyes, getting out of bed and moving for the day.  A few minutes each morning in the RADIO 74 "Emergency Room" will pep you up, smooth the shock.  Just what the doctor ordered!


Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person

Everybody seeks the "right" partner... a soul mate... that angelic someone with whom we are ideally suited.  Our demanding standards and lofty expectations mean our spouse shall be a person approaching perfection... any remaining "flaws" to be "corrected" after the wedding!

Alain de Botton brings fresh insights into this myth.  Relax! he says.  You probably wont (didn't) marry "Mr.Right" or "Miss Universe", but that's okay.  You'll probably rather chose someone "good enough."  Learning to make the best with the one you choose (chose) is a key to happy, successful marriage.


This TED topic was broadcast on RADIO 74 on Thursday evening, October 12th, at 18h15.


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